About us

FSA is a graduate-student run organization supported by the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology and Indiana University. We work closely with the Ethnomusicology Students’ Association. We also encourage undergraduate students to join the Folklore and Ethnomusicology Students’ Association.

The mission of FSA is threefold:

First, we strive to provide support for Indiana University folklore students, both graduate and undergraduate. We encourage our members to broaden their personal horizons by providing opportunities to meet, work with, and exchange ideas with other developing scholars in the field. We also seek to build professional interests in our members through such means as development workshops that bring in faculty and other professionals to speak with students on a variety of current issues in the discipline.

Second, we seek to present folklore to our local community–both on and off campus–in an informative and interesting manner. We foster our group’s involvement in life at Indiana University by sending representatives to participate in campus organizational gatherings and events. Additionally, to encourage interest in folklore in both the I.U. and Bloomington communities, we organize and run our own events ranging from the annual Coffeehouse departmental variety show, to student professional development seminars, to the graduate conference–which extends opportunities for independent and thought-provoking new ideas to be disseminated across a broad spectrum of up-and-coming folklorists.

Third, and perhaps the most crucial objective, is promoting the folklore discipline. In giving our members opportunities to develop both personally and professionally, we seek to aid them in preparing for their emergence as the next generation of folklore scholars. Likewise, in expanding the role of folklorists as both participants in and organizers of community events, we endeavor to bring folklore into the spotlight as a scholastic discipline–and also as an interesting (and invaluable) aspect of the academic and social realms to which we contribute. Through encouraging the efforts of our students and facilitating familiarity with folklore among the communities in which we live, work, and study, we ultimately aim to propagate overall awareness of and interest in folklore as a vibrant sphere of academia.